The Paragon Trisagion

by Potmos Hetoimos

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Nicolas RESSOT
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Nicolas RESSOT Il y a les albums fleuves et les albums océans... Un album océan donc, magistral, un tour de force ; une oeuvre monumentale... que dire d'autre ? Rien ; tout est là ! Favorite track: Wayward Stars.
Dave Hodges
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Dave Hodges This is a mammoth album, but well worth the time invested to listen to it. The compositions are compelling and the wide array of styles will keep you interested as you explore the depths of Potmos Hetoimos. Favorite track: The Devil's Miracles.
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released August 18, 2015

Matt Matheson – vocals, guitars, bass, drums, synth, keyboard, organ, programming, etc.
Raleigh Booze – extra vocals, extra percussion, noise
Ben Rosenbach – extra vocals, extra percussion, clarinet
Kirby Franklin – extra percussion
Patrick Leahy – piano, extra keyboard
Rochelle Matheson – flute
Brittiany Matheson – extra vocals
Lynn Pereira – violin
Casey Burnett - trumpet
Benjamin Widerøe (Seven Impale) – saxophone on [1]
Teemu Mäntynen (Crib45) – vocals on [2]
Andrew Millar (Patrons of the Rotting Gate) – vocals on [4]
Alex Eckman-Lawn (Hammer Mountain) – programming on [10]
Carlos Lozano (Persefone) – guitar solo on [12]
Sean Lang (First Reign, Seven Year Storm) – drums on [20]
Eric Poch, Matthew Casella, Sarah Gorman (Baltimore Rock Opera Society) – vocals on [21]
Produced and mixed by Matt Matheson and Ben Rosenbach
Drums recorded at Audio Arts Fishtown, Philadelphia PA
Cover art by Alex Eckman-Lawn




Potmos Hetoimos Baltimore, Maryland

PH is a (mostly) one-man prog/doom/jazz/ sludge/post-metal project from Baltimore, Maryland. PH focuses on music as storytelling, with the lyrics and concept being integral to the compositions.

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Track Name: Light Wells
there are times when the sunlight comes down
and is buried in the ground like a seed
hidden hope yet withholding its power
as it waits for the hour of its need
beauty fades in the world that surrounds
as the shadows abound in the earth
spirits ache and they groan in travail
as they suffer the pale pain of birth

orbital procession, spiraling ‘round the sun
angular momentum, circling on and on
optical dissonance, see what we cannot see
singular genesis, pondering what we are

there were times when the sunlight came down
and was buried in the ground like a seed
hope in bloom here unveiling its power
we are reaching the hour of our need
beauty shines like a flame from a spark
beyond anything the dark would allow
breaking through, in the darkness unfurled
there is light in the world even now

light wells
Track Name: Synthetic Eclipse
we don’t need the sun to shine on us
artificial light is pure enough
let the tower rise to never rust
stand long after we return to dust

there’s no reason to look to the sky
all creation is condemned to die
let the oceans rise up to our eyes
‘til holy fire comes to purify

raise the shells in the name of seclusion
self-made gods, enthroned in our own mind
luminous spectacle against the skyline
monument to our prideful kind
archetype of a spiteful lie

heaven’s in the sky, blacking out the sun
ascension of the tide, the ending has begun
in the hills we cannot hide, to the mountains we can’t run
now hell is on the rise...oh God, what have we done?
Track Name: Resplendence
light before us
light behind us
light beside us
light beneath us
light above us
light around us
light beyond us
light within us
Track Name: Amethysts
my God, my God, it’s all gone black
my God, my God, i can’t go back

“abomination”, they shriek and wail when i walk by
if not with their mouths, still with their eyes
as though i have subverted nature, as though i were not made this way
an image - corrupted? - but aren’t we all?
are we not called to glory all the same?
am i not called “just as i am”?

i am an amethyst in a world of sapphires and rubies
i am a mystery to the ones who thought they knew me
i am a heretic to the pure and pious body
i am an amethyst
but we all have the same flaws

blood on their hands, hatred in their hearts, with no sense of shame
twisted dogma, judgment justified, corruption of a name
distant and bitter, i cannot pretend i am one of them anymore
let the curse relent, heaven’s recompense

i am an amethyst in a world of sapphires and rubies
i am a heretic to the pure and pious body
i am a mystery to the ones who thought they knew me
i am an amethyst
but we all reflect the same light
we all have the same flaws
but we all reflect the same light
Track Name: Strawgod
tenuous faith in precarious stasis
frail from agonizing consciousness
hollow answers wracked by endless questions
swirling paradox and contradiction

attribution of imputed character
doomed to destruction from the moment conceived
assail the infinite with finite comprehension
meaningless, the defeat attained

fear of the unknowable, who has known His mind?
mystery unsearchable, or lifespring to find?
dancing with divinity, a prelude to a pratfall?
total trust in what you see, can you see anything at all?

blinded by the thirst for validation
tragic amputation of the senses
vacant eyes deny their occupation
a cauterization of the spirit inside

the picture of deity burns in a cloud of ashen smoke
as an idol carved of wood and clay
vanishing vapor ascends into the atmosphere
a universe of discourse pitiably constrained

divested omnipotence corrupts and collapses
free will permitting our descent to captivity
empty benevolence manifests in egoism
seed of omniscience a long-lost memory

(eyes to see, but they cannot see
ears to hear, but they cannot hear)
there’s a light of revelation shining
but still we’re standing in the way
it is standing at the threshold knocking
but we’re not opening the gates
there’s a truth beyond our desperate hope
drowning under fictive stories that we tell
yet they lift the flame to raze His name
and the torches they bear light their way to hell
Track Name: Cherubae
Track Name: Fear and Bright
there was a time when a man was confident
standing firmly on his authority
in denial of the consequence
blinded by his own security
the light of life yet dimly flickering
snuffed by arrogance in autonomy
yet still igniting, burning, sickening
unrelenting in its agony

everything changed
when i began to see
the light in everything...

swallowed up in my own darkness
dead and lonesome, cold and heartless
at the moment i was farthest
i heard Your voice call me righteous
there You met me in my weakness
and breathed hope into the lifeless
being conformed to Your likeness
all that’s left now is fear and brightness
Track Name: Queen of the Fire
i'm the queen of the fire!
can you see the passion that i inspire?
from afar, men watch and admire
thinking i'll fulfill their every desire

don't be shy to draw near
step into the light and walk without fear
i'm the one who brought the flame here
and i've kept it burning ten thousand years

come and carry the flame
let it melt away your sorrow and shame
when you hear the message that we proclaim
you know that you never will be the same

look me straight in the eye
when i tell you that you're not gonna die
and if you listen close then you might
not even know you've swallowed the lie

don't blink
set my sights before your eyes
don't think
let my thoughts consume your mind
don't speak
my voice will provide the words

feel like I'm wandering lost in the darkness
and I've been searching for myself
words disappearing into the noise
as if I'm talking to myself
my mind is running away from its captor
finally thinking for myself
i'm looking upward and not looking backward
believing in myself

child, i know there are others
who tell you that our way is wrong
they simply cannot see the vision
the program we must carry on
Track Name: Heliamartia
kinetic impulse, artifact of inception, stirring deep within
drawing the mind into the vast expanse of reality, beyond perception and perspicuity
a radiance that blinds, invisible to the eye, inviting into its warmth
the essence of everything, the energy inspiring the symphony of the stars

aim for the sun, never bending
our guilty minds unrelenting
we’ve missed the mark, altered angles
suffering with fallen angels

consequence of defiance
we’ve lost the light of guidance
trapped in our own indifference
we walk circles through the wilderness

aim for the sun, never bending
raise to the sky praise unending
with every breath make me empty
'til shepherds’ gates grant me entry
like light we fall in endless rays
like particles becoming waves
like life reborn we lift our souls
like waves becoming particles
Track Name: Adamah, Anima
dust, lifeless dust, drowning in the waters
called to arise, claiming its worth
hands, fragile hands, groping in the darkness
groan in travail, aching for birth

drawn from the ground, molded by the potter
earthen vessel for divine breath
darkened mind susceptible to deception
cursed with an endless lineage of death

first to rise, first among the fallen
bringing destruction for all time
renewed life implies a new creation
perfect promise, human redefined

out of dust, into dust
(error revealing)
out of light, into dark
(bearer of healing)

I will pour out My spirit on all flesh (Anima)
filling the lifeless mud with My own breath (inspiration)
raising the firstborn from among the dead (adamah)
I will pour out My spirit on all flesh (animation)
Track Name: Fallow Soil
far across the vacant landscape, a restless farmer wanders sowing
as he watches from his homestead, what he planted is not growing
rising, he surveys the ground and finds it barren, as if sleeping
patiently, he listens to the earth to hear its bitter weeping

what has happened in my absence to my precious planted vineyard?
selfish servants failed their tending, turning thought and focus inward
without their cooperation, still my plan is moving forward
what once was will be again when i renew my blessed orchard
though the land be dead and fruitless, there is hope yet for its sighing
where the birds flew, i built a scarecrow, arms outstretched to ward their flying
where the rocks made soil shallow, i removed them from their sources
where the thorns grew, i ripped them up and wove a crown out of their corpses

i saw the stones buried in the ground, carved with images of faces proud
clutched in a hand naught but bone, for life cannot sprout from stone
i watched the vultures circle in the sky, revealing where the carrion lies
where the bodies were taken away on the bloodstained rapture day
i saw the chaff and the choking weeds, swallowing light with ruthless greed
their fate is on the threshing floor to be trampled forevermore
i watched the fields at first light, driving away the cloak of night
the kernels that fell and were crushed began to reach out to the sun

what will i do with your barren hearts?
i will till and i’ll plow to turn over the ground
what will i do with your fallow souls?
i will sow and i’ll reap sixtyfold for my keep
what will i do with your barren hearts?
i will till and i’ll plow to turn over the ground
what will i do with your fallow souls?
i will sow and i’ll reap a hundredfold for my keep
Track Name: The Devil's Miracles
i wear the lion’s mane, i grin and bare my teeth
a captivating mask with nothing underneath
i am the angel of light in this masquerade
with open arms they welcome my charade
i have a host of slaves among the righteous ones
my heart swelled with pride when they were called my sons
to the one who bows, i offer everything
i hold the power of death, come and feel its sting

i have come from roving back and forth across the land
i am the new god who devours sacrifice
i fill hearts with deceit and greed, ‘til disciples are struck dead
i am the lawless one, worker of wonders and weaver of lies

i speak with silver tongue, drunk deep on blood and gold
i take their guilt away and return it sevenfold
i turned those rivers to blood and i rained down frogs from the sky
i wear the lion’s mane and i’ll stalk you ‘til you die

but i, even i, shudder in fear when the Holy One draws near
i feel the burn of eternal flame at the mention of His name
i set the world against his plan, had my soldiers kill the man
and i tore my flesh on that day when He walked out of His grave
Track Name: Goannai
Track Name: Residence Altar
naked - nakedness exposed
nothing - naught in which to boast
crawling - crawling to the flame
burning - burn away my name
dying - death for all my pride
living - life of sacrifice
offering - offering my soul
letting - letting go of hope

in myself, there is no salvation
i cannot drag this soul to heaven
in myself, there is no power to redeem
yet this weakness is stronger than it seems

inside the fire i reside because Your spirit there abides
remember not the empty days, letting the holy fill me
my will turned over here to die, my stubborn heart to sanctify
surrender to the searing light, seeking my life will kill me

count the cost, knowing what i’ll suffer
from now on, cast no gaze on the life of the former
turn around and run, escaping the sulfur
desolate black ash rains, the past is darker than fire
all in now, can’t look back once i enter
extirpate the dross, refining like silver
purified and whole, peaceful at my center
finding rest, residence on the altar
Track Name: Awaken the Dawn
rise above the skies, fill this day with Your splendor like sunlight
baptize and sanctify all Your children transformed from death to life
blessed with righteousness, separate us from sin as east from west
enthroned in holiness, still You hear us when we cry out to You

and when our desolation dominates
your presence elevates

i will awaken the dawn, and call Your spirit across the waters and the skies
i will resolve in my soul to never falter because Your faithfulness is near
i will make melodies resonate emotion, beyond the mountains and the plains
i will awaken the dawn, and never quiet until the world exalts Your name

must i ascend to the heavens to call Your glory down?
we need more than a pillar of fire, more than a looming cloud
when we wander far from rivers of life
even the rock will give us water with a strike
bread from heaven for the starving You provide

i will awaken the dawn, and call Your spirit across the waters and the skies
i will resolve in my soul to never falter because Your faithfulness is near
i will make melodies resonate emotion, beyond the mountains and the plains
i will awaken the dawn, and never quiet until the world exalts Your name
Track Name: Blue Agave Prism
one shot of tequila when i wake up
a little liquor is less expensive than hard drugs
do what it takes to keep this face numb
synthetic emotional evasion
i’d rather sit in silence and play dumb
than have to walk through life wearing makeup
ceramic smile to show off a fake love
pathetic deceptive creation

i can hold my liquor, hold my liquor
got a hold on my liquor
(and my liquor's got a hold on me)
i can’t put my finger on the thing
that keeps me up at night
i look in this mirror, in this mirror
and it all seems no clearer
(no one’s looking back at me)
i see too much color in a picture
that should be black and white

tears on a grave
i feel the condemnation of a soul i could not save
years as a slave
crippled with regret i’ve just been wasting away
look me in the eyes, we both know i am the one who should have died
what will you say when you see me on the other side?

one shot of tequila when i wake up
maybe someday my eyelids will stay shut
Track Name: Shadetree
behold this city, wrought by human hands
forty days and it should all be gone
against all justice, Nineveh stands
a blemish on the face of a vengeful God
this truth has burned my soul since the coming of His word
that repentance would preclude His holy plan
my fury swells at compassion so absurd
i reject this grace, prophecy be damned

i went my own way (carve my path out of the night)
fleeing on the waves (occultation from Your sight)
driven back, Your storm took hold of me
i could not escape
hopelessness i gave (countdown to catastrophe)
to a city depraved (paradigm iniquity)
terrified, they turned their backs on me
crying to be saved
execution stayed (contrition annulling wrath)
by this mockery of faith (circumvented aftermath)
why should You defile Your character
with this act of grace?
i won’t be Your slave (power and pity at Your whim)
i am not afraid (slay me now instead of them)
let Your blazing light fall down on me
i’ll dwell in the shade

wretched man, is it your place to twitch and writhe in anger?
who made you the arbiter of damnation and mercy?
ever hope remains for those who abdicate their evil
condemnation falls upon what is, but not what must be
shade you tended not became delight until abated
raging at the loss of this ephemeral provision
I have watched the rise and fall of all I have created
how your heart would burst were it reopened to this vision
Track Name: Shade Eater
we can’t escape
our past mistakes

the sun, the rain
touch every face
(grace is wider than the sky)

where cursed or blessed
You bring Your rest
(still His patience covers all)

thus in my shame
i must confess...
(someday we will understand...)

(...that we are all the same)
Track Name: Nostalgia Nausea
does it make you feel safe, knowing you can come home?
when you’re leaving behind everything that you’ve known?
all the memories that you can never forget
will they haunt your dreams with the fear of regret?

does it make you feel sick, knowing you’re all alone?
do you tremble and shake, with a chill in your bones?
are you losing the will to get up and press on?
now that everything’s lost and everyone’s gone?

all i’ve ever wanted, all that i desired, laid down at my feet
i took my future into my hands, following my own plans, thinking i was free
(self-made captivity)
now i lay my weary head down on the dirty ground, no sign of shelter
(wandering in a desert)
once i gorged on bread and wine, now i long to eat like swine, dying of hunger
(fill my stomach with dirt)
my tongue’s as dry as cotton, and i’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to really live
(taste of living water)
is it too late to return, cross the bridges that i’ve burned, to the one who can forgive
(the arms of my father)

i remember everything
reminiscence sickening
nostalgia nausea
Track Name: Lamppost
Track Name: Wayward Stars
i. asteres planetai

a flickering multitude piercing through blackest night
erratic and chaotic patterns of sidereal light
like a moth drawn in despite impending fate terrible
transient glimmer of pyrite, false grace irresistible

(path of Cain) twisting the arms of fate, shift its shape with violence
(Balaam’s error) gazing upon the gleam, temporal affinity
(Korah’s rebellion) seeking divinity, rejection of created order

the seas are sick with reefs to breach the hull before the shore is found
the land thirsts beneath the ghastly shade of waterless clouds
the beggars choke on breathless pleas offered at the feet of fruitless trees
beneath a gibbous light we lose our way tossed about by wild waves
we are following the course of the wayward stars
asking all the questions of who we are
following the course
of the wayward stars
finding who we are

ii. cloud of darkness

lower the sails, this storm is battering
patch up the cracks, this ship is shattering
fear in the air, the souls are scattering
riding Poseidon’s wake
swear i can feel the earth shake

summon your courage, spare your cowardice
all of your lives have led you up to this
driven, if not by fame, then avarice
Thaumas in rage, salacious
thirsty for blood berates us

darkness surrounds with fog mysterious
venturing toward the grave of Nereus
captain and crew appear delirious
if we don’t find a way through
we’re never gonna see blue
skies or a sunset over home again
nevertheless, we are the chosen men
pull it together, we are stronger than
what any sea can send us
thunder and rain won't end us

we’re on our way through a cloud of darkness
we’re heading into the storm
we’re on our way through a cloud of darkness
we’re gonna have to press on

iii. oligopistides

each moment the storm grows darker
clutched to our chests, all that we cherish
whipped about by a whirlwind
certain that we will perish
like a little child, i close my eyes
and pretend this allows me to hide
daddy, daddy, why are you sleeping
when i need you by my side?

why did we start this journey
when we knew such a tempest loomed?
the ocean which has borne us
now intends to be our doom
in isolated terror
i seek vain sanctuary
then comes a calm serenity
if only momentary

ye of little faith, how can i save you?

iv. 40 years

friend, i couldn’t help but notice you look a little hopeless
i hope this mopiness isn’t a consequence of your dopiness
forgive my intervention, i assure you i’ve only the best intentions
now that i have your attention, i feel compelled to mention
you might desire to retire that uninspiring attire
you’re a man of many miles but no smiles to show for it
if my wiles can transform your lifestyle, i say go for it
you can ignore my advances, but there may be no more chances
so i implore you to consider your finances
you’ve come for comfort but come up wanting
a fearful feeling your soul is haunting
it’s truer than true, though it might seem funny,
you just can’t top the bright gleam of money
oh yeah, money
ahh, there’s nothing like the smell, and the touch, and the taste
it’s a waste to see such a nice fellow depressed
but i stress what i tell you, so much trust misplaced
just replace your old crutch with a well-stocked account
it’ll turn your life around, make your life abound
sweep you off the ground with its joyous sound
you won’t be wont to recount your woes
when your portfolios hold more gold than you can count!
just twelve easy steps and you’ll be on your way
for twelve easy payments, but really it pays for itself
ten times over, with the health and wealth
you’re destined for prosperity
preserve none for posterity
improve your popularity
donate a bit to charity
the pinnacle of purity
of safety and security
smoother than silk
sweeter than honey
all the world revolves around money
that’s right, money

don’t be deceived by trashy lies
the grand illusion of flashing lights
open your third eye, expand your mind
by gazing into the transfinite
let constellations be the focus of your eyes
celestial luminaries, your faithful guides
release your aura that you’ve held so tight
project the astral body and watch the skies
the end is coming, of this we know
complete disruption of the status quo
we read the prophecies the stars foretold
a cryptic message behind the glow
but all is clear to us, we’ve cracked the code
don’t miss the meaning of the signs they show
the heights of wisdom sent to us below
where they have been, we can never go

i feel your disconnection, your troubles and your trials
you seek an end to suffering and pain
the answer is not inward, nor upward, nor outward
to search in these directions is in vain
the spirit of the truth is in the roses and the rainbows
the lights in the sky and seedlings in the ground
the key to life is all the life revealed in nature
the answer that you need is all around
take me deep into the heart of the sunrise
‘round about the south side of the sky
close to the edge of the gates of delirium
cannot wait to be over this life
then, we will rise at the dance of the dawn
standing high like giants under the sun
and you and i will awaken to discover
we have heaven in every little thing

v. asteres mysterioi

where can i go from Your spirit?
where from Your face can i flee?
in the highest of heights You are there
in the darkest of depths You are there
were i to rise on the wings of the dawn
to sail away to the edge of the sea
still i would fall in the palm of Your hand
still i would find myself held in Your grasp

vi. godless heaven

hey brother
i’ve got news for you about your life
no other messenger can tell you what i can
hush! silence...can you hear the sound she sings sweetly
discover all you ever dreamed can be your reality

come! welcome to our paradise, pure perfection
all reason, flawless and pristine, exact science
ideal implementation of high logic
revealing all the mysteries of our universal dream

sensory overload, where am i? i cannot believe
this island kingdom fabricated by the brightest for the best
crystalline towers stretch as high as the eye can perceive
paradigm of harmony, a place to find some peace and rest

don’t be concerned about the secrets that we keep
the machinations that sustain us while we sleep
our light dissimulates the darkness in the deep
emotions cauterized so we don’t have to weep

there’s something strange about the citizens of this utopia
mindless homogeny, discordance met with a collective grief
a silent qualm beneath the calm façade of their euphoria
a grim machine to obviate all individual belief

we built this city as a cenotaph for fate
to mute the testimony of a cosmic faith
the blood of dissidents this thirsty ground will sate
and you will join them if you stand in the way

what of identity? you can’t succeed in suffocating souls
you are no better than automata, deterministic drive
this illusory paradise is no glimmering diamond, it’s black as coal
i must be free of it if i am to remain truly alive

vii. choir of echoes

an overwhelming revelation
the genesis of restoration
a harmony for all creation
all creatures in their right relation
a refuge from the devastation
a home for every tribe and nation
a song to sing with adoration
eternal peace without cessation

a truth beyond the wildest fiction
complete and without contradiction
a pure and resolute conviction
from One with holy jurisdiction
to save His children from affliction
to break the bondage of addiction
to lead them out in benediction
to liberty without restriction

a tingle to excite the senses
a clarity through darkened lenses
a freedom that the light dispenses
a mercy that forgives offenses
a haven for the poor defenseless
a wisdom that invites the senseless
a kingdom built without defenses
a love that moves without pretenses

beyond the scope of human vision
constructed not of man’s decision
a unity without division
where needs are met with sure provision
the sick are healed, the dead are risen
the promised hope of true religion
without the trappings of tradition
the fountainhead of pure volition

home, bring me home
home, bring us home

viii. edge of the earth

(we come now to a place which to all listeners should easily appear
we bid you close your eyes and picture there your greatest fear
the grimmest fate is when you find yourself unable to be what you’re meant to be
imagine, then, the sailor’s horror at the sight of no more sea…)

this...this is the end
there’s nowhere left for us to flee
our journey has failed
we never found our destiny
but maybe this world
isn’t the world that was meant to be
i have yet seen
deep in my dreams, a new reality

enough! you dare speak of dreams?
go back to sleep and tell me when
your ideas cross over into
the realm of men
fantasies come and go
but we are in no place to pretend
that there’s any hope
it’s all come to this...this is the end

we found the limit of the everlasting ocean
a fatal obstacle to our persistent motion
the boats that brought us here can’t take us any farther
instead of heroes, they’ll remember us as martyrs
we have blasphemed the names of sacred faith and science
one or the other comes to punish our defiance
o, do you hear the knell of that returning thunder?
the stars that held our hands now deign to pull us under
we sought salvation from tyrannical oppression
abandoning the ways restricting our progression
immortal empire we raised and spread together
yet here we find ourselves no better off than ever
we dance the line between our slavery and freedom
maintain a balance of two contradicting kingdoms
afraid to sacrifice our temporal desires
we chase the wind until the moment we expire

and so we sway
(back and forth and back and forth and…)
walking on the unbroken line
cycling through death and rebirth
holding to a moment in time
falling off the edge of the earth

ix. aster proïnon / light of the Morning Star

hey! are you awake?
you’ve been out for so long
i thought you might be gone
safe we’re drifting on the waves
the storm has passed us by
but there’s no end in sight

look! a star shines in the distance
a luminous persistence
a goal for us to seek
though we row with desperation
toward this invitation
the light we cannot reach

look! the star descends from heaven
from our horizon beckons
it surely begs us home
still our exercise is fruitless
the ocean’s waves are ruthless
we’ll sink here like a stone

look! the light is drawing closer
our hopelessness is over
we’ll soon be back on land
wait! it walks upon the water
it calls us son and daughter
and takes us by the hand
out upon the sea He leads us
from ruin He has freed us
to bring us onto shore
home, where darkness is defeated
and at the gates we’re greeted
with light forevermore
with life forevermore

we are following the course of the morning star
finding all the answers of who we are
following the course
of the morning star
this is who we are

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